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Core Rules and Director Podcasts

Core Rules and Director Podcasts

Core Rules

Diapering is essential and unavoidable. Make the most of this developmental opportunity with proper procedure and the right attitude.
Effective discipline is a win-win for everyone. The children learn and feel better about themselves and you feel less stressed and more effective as a teacher.
Field Trips
Keep your center's children safe so they can focus on their offsite experience.
Good health practices for fighting infectious diseases and illness for you and your children.
Indoor Storage
Practical guidelines for keeping your center's everyday items accessible but
safely away from children.
Dispensing medication is one of the many responsibilities that early child care providers must take seriously. Take a look at Georgia's rules and regulations for distributing and storing medication, so you can help keep the children in your care safe and healthy.
On playgrounds, children can have fun, learn, explore, and build social and motor skills. Make sure your playground is protected and secured.
Ratios and Supervision
Children’s social and emotional well-being, in addition to basic health and safety needs, require lots of adult interaction and supervision. Georgia regulations require a specific number of qualified caregivers to be present and actively supervising children.
Water Safety
Water play can be a fun and educational activity that promotes development in all domains, but it has its risks. Explore the ways to keep children safe while engaging in water play.
Working as a Team
This podcast will review ways you can establish a positive learning community (courtesy, dependability, open and respectful communication, working toward a common goal), and encourage the use of the standard “what’s best for the children?” when making program decisions and interacting with others.


Family Day Care Homes
Understand the important guidelines for making your home a safe and high-quality environment for your children.
Maximizing Management
Great Child Care Center managers are not born…they are built. You must continuously develop skills and gain awareness with regard to your daily business practices to ensure that you're delivering quality services.
Staff Training and Orientation
Staff training and orientation are an important part of a director’s responsibilities. Making sure your staff is properly trained from the time that they are hired and throughout their career with the center is one key to having an organized, efficiently operating childcare facility.
Supporting Staff
While your children look to you for love, protection, and guidance, your staff looks to you for leadership, direction, and support.